About Global Genes

At Global Genes, we are a globally connected community committed to eliminating the challenges of rare disease. Together with our partners, we help people find and build communities, gain access to information, services, care and resources and provide hope and support for the more than 400 million people affected by rare disease around the globe by: 

  • Activating, inspiring, supporting, and equipping communities to drive progress
  • Collaborating and connecting people to relevant resources and communities based on their needs
  • Sharing insights and knowledge to support global innovation, care, and access
  • Encouraging and enabling equitable participation in research, development, and advocacy
  • Reducing the diagnostic odysseys and accelerating progress and access toward treatments and cures

Help us impact the rare disease community. Each RARE House purchase directly supports our patients and programs. 

Learn more about what we're doing to impact the rare disease community and globalgenes.org.